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Amazing vote reports

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Now that the day is wrapping up, offering a very small selection of some amazing reports of good and bad incidents on US Election day:

my designated voting location was closed for repairs with no signs…
Buffalo, NY (link)
police were waiting to ticket me and challenge my ability to vote due to incorrect license plates
Kings Beach, CA (link)
I was sworn at by a poll worker to stop “bitchin’ and complainin'”
Tulsa, OK (link)
…everyone was in a good spirit, and the electoral officials did a wonderful job handling such a large crowd. My hats off to them…
New York City, NY (link)
Very organized and quick. Fie on computer voting machines – paper works great!
South Lyon, MI (link)
My First day voting, and went very smoothly … I’ll remember this day for the rest of my life…
Irvington, NJ (link)

Thank you Team!

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