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Apps for Democracy ending – need a quick mashup?

Published in Neogeography

The Apps for Democracy innovation content that I talked about previously is ending this week. There have been 15 submissions so far, with probably many more in the works – for a potential of 60 awards!

So with 4 days left to build your App submission, you may be in a scurry for inspiration or more data to mashup and visualize. How about over 40 additional datasets in GeoCommons Finder! specifically about Washington, DC (or more tagged District of Columbia) available as KML. Combine that with the DC CTO data and you have a good number of combinations.

Here are some potential examples:

So pull out your Mapstraction or OpenLayers examples, grab a template from CSS Blueprint or Open-Source Web Design, throw in some feeds and perhaps a geographic search from and you’re well on your way to fame and glory in the District.

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