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Election night at NPR

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Andrew at NPRI was lucky enough to be invited to enjoy the US 2008 election night at NPR main headquarters in Washington, DC.

Of course, within minutes of walking in I started getting feature requests from reporters and bloggers. One of these was the ability to easy page through reports by state (hint:

We did our best to get a quick web-based map visualization up that would be usable by a large number of people with basic browsers. This limited the number of markers to 200 (one reason we chose to use Flash for our current rendering tool). However, one way of addressing this was to offer a KML file that works very well in GoogleEarth for large sets of markers. Here are the 10,000 reports as of this evening.


Another feature we snuck in recently are some simple statistics on the number and time of reports today at


To close out this post – we searched the database to pull up this great audio report by keema: – I highly suggest you listen to it.

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