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Google GeoRSS & Open-Source map utilities

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I was gone for 5 days to the Ontario Curling Association’s Colts Provincial Playdowns, the top-tier competition after playing down against 130 other curling teams. We held our own, but the competition was very stiff.

It was a tough time to be away, a lot of amazing news came out. First and foremost is that Google adds support for GeoRSS. This is exciting news because it demonstrates the maturity and interest in the syndication of geographic content in blogs, CMS‘s, sites, and news.

This will also add a little bit of more difficulty moving forward in GeoRSS. Now that a major company has added support, and assumedly a lot more developers will add support now as well, then the specification has to be much more cognizant of future changes, users, and upgrades. Before, the specification was really guided by the majority of developers using the standard itself. If some spec was changed, we all went out and updated our libraries. Now, however, we really need to denote versions, and how users can update their tools to accomodate both the new version and backwards compatibility.

On top of that exciting news, Google also open-sourced part of the GoogleMaps library. See the
gmaps-utility-library-dev FAQ. Currently this is limited to the GMarkerManager, but demonstrates their interest in opening the library up for interesting projects, ideas, and hacks.

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