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Low-powered computers -good for the environment, good for you

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Inveneo has released some good guidance and specs for a low-powered computer primarily aimed at rural areas, but really applicable to any number of users who want to compute for less (power). (via Engadget)

Using all COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) parts, one can build a good, wifi-enabled, computer and VOIP station. Combine these computer specs with the free and distributable Wireless Networks in the Developing World, and you have very ubiquitous, low-barrier to entry, computing. (via Boing-Boing)

The total power is claimed to be:

  • Computer: 10W
  • Display: 10W
  • Wifi: 3W
  • VOIP SIP (phone) connection: 2-3W
  • Total: 26W

Of course, the MacMini is purported to require only about 25W on idle, up to 40W working (without display or VOIP), and a Powerbook about 15W (30W on heavy usage).

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