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Neogeography on the Radio

Published in Neogeography, Presentation

IMI Tech Talk Radio LogoLast (last) month – I did an interview on IMI Tech-Talk radio discussing my O’Reilly Shortcut “Introduction to Neogeography”. It was a great 30-minute coverage of my interests in geography and the geospatial web and a quick overview of some of the useful tools that have shown up and how users are using them.

The interviewer was in New York City, I am in Michigan, and the broadcast area is Phoenix, Arizona. So if you weren’t in the area you probably missed it. Fortunately, they finally put up the archive just a week or so ago, so you can listen for free.

Download the show here.

I haven’t listened to the whole thing myself. It’s that typical “my voice sounds weird” that makes it difficult to just sit back and enjoy. But I hope you do. Please let me know what you think.

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