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DashSaver ScreenshotDashSaver is a screensaver that resides in the “Desktop & Screen Saver” preference pane.

When DashSaver is selected as a User’s screensaver, when the computer is inactive after the specified time as set in the Screen Saver preference pane, the dashboard is displayed and the users’ desktop is hidden. Find you are under utilizing one of the best new features in Mac OS X Tiger?

It’s not alway convenient to bring up the Dashboard just to see the weather or some RSS feeds. However, imagine your computer showing you information after you leave and come back to your computer? As you sit back down you can quickly glance over a wealth of information and tools before getting back to work. Give DashSaver a try. It makes the dashboard useful in a whole new way!

Download DashSaver v1.3 (Zip, 62 kb).

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To install, open the downloaded package and double click the DashSaver.saver. You will be prompted to install it either for a single user, or for all users. After you have successfully installed the screensaver, you can set the background transparency and color via the screensaver’s Options… button.

DashSaver is and will remain free of charge. However, if you find DashSaver useful and would like to help continue development of this software and other great projects, consider donating $5 via the button below.


DashSaver v1.3

Released: April 22, 2011

  • Released version to support Mac OS 10.6 and higher. download (Zip, 62 kb).

DashSaver v1.2

Released: April 5, 2006

  • Released Universal Binary, which now supports both Intel and PowerPC
  • Fixed “Options” panel to properly display the transparency setting on first load

DashSaver v1.1

Released: August 24, 2005

  • Added configuration pane options for not showing background, changing the transparency, and changing the color

DashSaver v1.0

Released: August 3, 2005

  • Initial release

Also available from VersionTracker: DashSaver

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