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IndigoWidget DevicesIndigoWidget is a Mac OS X Dashboard Widget that controls Perceptive Automation’s Indigo home automation software.

It provides users with a quick and convenient means to control their devices and see the state of their house. IndigoWidget will display all the devices, action groups, and variables you have configured in your Indigo software. No more need to dig for the Indigo window. Just a quick press of F12 or click on the Dashboard Icon, and you can quickly be controlling your house.

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Install & setup

To install the widget, unzip the file, and then double-click the IndigoWidget.wdgt file. It will then install itself into your dashboard and be ready to use.

The IndigoWidget also supports running on a client computer and sending Indigo commands to a remote server computer. As of version 1.1, this is a setting on the back of the widget. Check out the Readme in the zip file for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

My device(s) don’t show up in the Widget?

For a device to show up in IndigoWidget, you must make sure that any devices you want to see and control have “Display in Remote UI” checked (turned on) in the “Edit Device” pane.

Also, there are problems handling devices, action groups, and variables that have quotation marks (‘ or ” ) and commas (,) in the title. At this time, it is recommended that you remove these characters from your device and group names.


IndigoWidget Devices pane

IndigoWidget Devices

IndigoWidget Actions pane

IndigoWidget Actions

IndigoWidget Variables pane

IndigoWidget Variables

IndigoWidget Preferences Backside

IndigoWidget v1.1 Backside

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