Answer: SQLite in Applescript

Applescript SQL DiagramThanks to responses on a post thread I made over at MacScripter I now have a lead on integrating SQLite db's into my applescripts.

b.visser discovered:

There is a faceless app called 'Database Events'. You can find it by opening a new dictionary from the file menu.

Special thanks to guardian34, a little diagram and applescript example helps illustrate the point.

set theFolder to choose folder
tell application "Database Events"
set theDB to make new database ¬
with properties {name:"Test", location:theFolder}
tell theDB
set theRecord to make new record ¬
with properties {name:"SomeRecord", id:1}
end tell
tell theRecord
set field1 to make new field ¬
with properties {name:"ID", value:1}
set field2 to make new field ¬
with properties {name:"Name", value:"foo"}
end tell

return {(value of field1), (value of field2)}
end tell

Unfortunately, I don't have a cool script/CSS design for prettifying Applescript code, so you'll have to deal with the monochromed type.

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