XBox hacking alive and very well

About 2 years ago I hopped on the XBox modding train, installed a chip, a huge hard-drive, burned many a DVD and finally was able to watch MythTV on my XBox. It's the only way we watch TV anymore, shuddering whenever the MythTV fails us by either (a) filling up my harddrive with unused shows, or (b) crashing - which is usually some really odd occurence and after some googling, readily fixed. Since the XBox is our sole filter for incoming television transmission (well, beside the aforementioned missed shows, which require other means) I have been cautious to mess with it too much. Someone will make me pay if they miss their quality shows.

0xdecafbad points out the modern efforts in making the XBox Maker Friendly Wow, I had no idea all this was going on. XBMC (XBox Media Center) now supports MythTV, bundles web server, python scripting, and there is a large repository of scripts.

All this progress really makes me want to go back and start mucking with it again. Hrm - view my home automation & home intranet from my XBox. I wonder if there is iCal file format support (ala ThunderBird). Answer: Yes, yes there is.

Sounds very yummy.

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