Writing iPhoto Exif Data

Here is some quick Applescript that uses ExifTool to write Copyright, Title, Comments, and Keyword exif data to selected photos in iPhoto:

This script is released under the Creative Commons.

-- This applescript will set the exif keywords, name,
-- and comments of all selected iPhoto images using
-- the information current in iPhoto.
-- Author: Andrew Turner (http://highearthorbit.com)
property copyright : ¬
"Copyright Andrew Turner, 2005. All Rights Reserved."
property URL : "http://highearthorbit.com"
property exifToolOriginal : "_original"

-- True retains copyright, False means Public Domain
property Copyrighted : "True"

tell application "iPhoto"
copy (my selected_images()) to these_images
if these_images is false or (the count of these_images) ¬
is 0 then ¬
error "Please select a single image."

repeat with i from 1 to the count of these_images
set the keywordslist to ""
set this_photo to item i of these_images
tell this_photo
set the image_file to the image path
set the image_title to the title
set the image_filename to the image filename
set the image_comment to the comment
set the assigned_keywords to the name of keywords
end tell
repeat with j from 1 to the count of assigned_keywords
set the keywordslist to keywordslist & " -keywords+=" ¬
& item j of assigned_keywords
end repeat
set output to do shell script ¬
"exiftool -title='" & image_title & ¬
"' " & keywordslist & ¬
" " & " -comment='" & image_comment & ¬
"' " & " -Copyright='" & copyright & ¬
"' " & " -CopyrightNotice='" & copyright & ¬
"' " & " -Rights='" & copyright & ¬
"' " & " -Marked='" & Copyrighted & ¬
"' " & "'" & image_file & "'"
do shell script "rm '" & image_file & "'" ¬
& exifToolOriginal
end repeat

display dialog "Exif writing complete."
on error error_message number error_number
if the error_number is not -128 then
display dialog error_message buttons {"Cancel"} ¬
default button 1
end if
end try
end tell

on selected_images()
tell application "iPhoto"
-- get selection
set these_items to the selection
-- check for single album selected
if the class of item 1 of these_items is album then error
-- return the list of selected photos
return these_items
on error
return false
end try
end tell
end selected_images

You can grab this script and a simpler Copyright only, as well as a Location (latitude/longitude/city,region,country) script here.

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