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One of my odder projects, Where I Had My First Kiss, continues to show spikes of popularity as various newsites and blogs pick it up. Recently, I noticed a spike from the usual 50-150 visits/day to 1,200 visits in a single day. This was due to the site being linked to by an article in German MSN, Startschuss für die Infokarten.

Einige Mashups bieten auch Möglichkeiten zur aktiven Beteiligung. Auf Whereihadmyfirstkiss.com wird beispielsweise verraten, an welchem Ort Nutzer ihren ersten Kuss hatten. Frappr erlaubt zudem das Anlegen einer eigenen Karte für Freunde und Gleichgesinnte. So gibt es dort bereits Karten von Firefox-Nutzern, Pearl-Jam-Fans und Dackelbesitzern.

rough translation
...Some Mashups offer possibilities for active participation. On Whereihadmyfirstkiss.com, for example, users reveal where they had their first kiss...

It's often odd what people find interesting and don't find interesting.

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