Post-project brain dumps

Mikel has posted a how-to on how he made the OSM Nestoria Tiles for the recently released upgrades.

It's a really good how-to for making your own maps from your own data, and also an excellent idea for brain-dumping after a big project. Whenever I do a large project, I learn a lot of useful tips, strategies, what worked/didn't work, etc. that is probably useful to a larger group of developers and users (for knowing what's going on underneath). Not only for my own notes, but also anyone wanting to improve upon my work, or go and fix parts of it.

Documentation in engineering and software development is always emphasized and always a battle to get done. Inline documentation using something like Doxygen really helps, but then also putting together a single, simple overall report, especially on an editable format like a Wiki, can really make a big difference.

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