Life's Opportunities and Successes: A Company and A Son

GeoIQ + EsriTwo amazing events in my life coincided last week: our company was acquired on Monday, and our first son arrived on Friday. Together these were tremendously fulfilling occasions that I am fortunate to experience. These events are point times within a much longer continuity of stories that spanned months, and even years of effort, learning, frustration and hope.

The real success behind these events are the people that worked together to make them so successful. Together we developed deep trust and shared perspective that permitted us to overcome personal and external differences that otherwise would have prevented us from success.

Corrie and Sayge

At GeoIQ we formed a tightly integrated team that is able to accomplish industry impacting vision and technology for the world's biggest customers. Since 2005 and through many iterations we built an online community and concept that sought to open access to data and tools for people to make important decisions; whether that was global climate change, international development, or the ever popular personal analysis in buying a house. It was a fun and exhilarating escapade that provided unexpected experiences.

A startup company requires diligent work, flexibility, and collaborating with people that have different needs and attitudes to come together to achieve something bigger than ourselves. I found the parallels between running a startup and building a family amazingly similar. You constantly seek to understand and control situations, but in reality you are preparing for whatever happens to be able to respond positively. The fun is learning to take advantage of those opportunities and weave them together to create a story to be proud of.

Personally, I am intensely satisfied with what we've achieved. Thank you to everyone: foremost my wife for enduring so many difficult and long days, as well as family, friends, teammates, and the community for making these experiences so rewarding.

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