Afghanistan Election Monitoring

Today the democratic elections are occurring in Afghanistan. There is a FrontLine SMS on the ground pulling in data into Alive in Afghanistan, which is running Ushahidi.

At FortiusOne, we're pulling together demographic, violence, and polling information into a dashboard of maps.

Estimated Number of Voters by Polling Location vs Average Risk Level of Polling Centers, 2009 Afghanistan Presidential Election, Eastern Region of Afghanistan (View full atlas)

You can read more about it on USAID's Global Development Commons, or how we're partnering with numerous other projects to build out solutions like this for deploying to the field.

The compelling example here is the combination of demographic information with contextually relevant information (polling locations), realtime feeds of data, and user-generated, on the ground observations. Together they are helping provide a common picture into the complex relationships, consequences, and potential outcomes of the election might look like.

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