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Amazon TagsWhile doing a little Christmas and deal perusing, somehow in my "webpage-peripheral" vision I noticed a change to the Amazon layout. They are now sporting, of all things, tags. Supposedly the idea being you can tag items by people you are shopping for. Perhaps, ala you could tag tobuy or toshoparoundfor.

After you fill in a tag, you can then view all of your tags, or other users who also used the same tag. What's particularly hilarious, is I could tag something "Sue", perhaps for my great aunt Sue (no, I don't have an Aunt Sue, work with me here). I can then go and view everything else other people have wanted to buy for their "Sue".

What's also eerie, something I found out while writing this post, is that you can view who first used the tag. Which lead me to a new area of (to me at least) which allows you to view and search by people. I can then go and search by all the "Bob Katz" of the world and see their wishlists, hometowns, profiles, etc.

Blender MapRev Dan Cat (of ) put out a great idea - geotagging Amazon items. However, what, for example, is a geolocated blender? Perhaps where the item is coming from, manufactured, or best used? I could see trying to "buy local". Maybe user comments could be geolocated, as I may tend to agree more with people's opinions from the great island nation of Tuvalu then someone from Wisconsin.

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