AOL has decided to make a try for the Web2.0 phenomenon by fulfilling a rule of Web2.0, releasing a public API.

AOL Developer introduces a set of API's meant to tie into existing AOL services like instant messaging (AIM), AOL Music, WinAMP player, homepages, and MapQuest's OpenAPI.

AOL is also releasing Boxely (coming August 2006), which is a toolset of UI elements similar to Yahoo!'s UI library (how does one include both a bang and an apostrophe in a possesive noun with punctuation like Yahoo!?)

It's not clear yet what AOL really has to leverage in terms of bringing in mashup developers. Really someone that wants to get hired/bought. Though being able to better integrate AIM status and location into a site/tool seems really useful. So go to and see if anything sparks your imagination. And try not to smirk at AOL's line:

...this is where you'll find the special sauce to build great Web applications. We want you to hack our stuff. So mash it up!

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