Arise the Geo bubble

With the rise of geographic-interest via map mashups, mobile location, and geotags, there is now a slew of sites rising up to start aggregating and collecting all the of the localized information and news.

PlaceBlogger is apparently just about to start. It's an aggregation of localized blogs. Blogs with posts about specific locations, like the neighborhood or suburb rather than just a larger metro area - dubbed hyperlocal. You can see a mockup here. It's like a Yahoo frontpage, but centered around neighborhoods or areas of interest. (via Susan Mernit

Another site is (read the announcement and some thoughts here) which is already released and has data. At first it wasn't quite apparent how to start contributing to the site or marking up locations. They refer to the GMAP format, but I'm not sure what that really means.

All of these sites and tools are really exciting. This is the purpose behind tools I've been working on like GeoPress and Mapufacture. I hope these other local-news aggregators also use and support broader, open formats that we can all share and play along together.

Also check out LocoBlog, which is a mobile-phone blogging application and site as well.

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