Better Location uploading from a cellphone

Matt Croydon spent the past weekend pulling apart KML, the Keyhole Markup Language which Google uses in their newly acquired/developed GoogleEarth

This seems like an obviously better, though heavy handed, means of marking location from a cellphone. I'm currently using a small script on my phone that asks the user to enter Location, City, Region, and have to still add Lat/Lon capability. The server-side then recieves this via a PHP page and stores it internally or adds a log entry if the site exists. It also stores the Cell information for future automatic geolocation via the phone. I hope to be able to "leave notes" for myself and others that my phone grabs/delivers when I enter a cell area.

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However, PHP seems so passe now. All the cool kids are using SOAP, Python, Ruby, or some other incarnation and sending things via even more complex methods. However, PHP works for me. And hey, it's not Fortran!

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