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So I *finally* have gotten my new T-Mobile account setup, after only, what, 15 days? Amazon's cell service is horrid. I can only recommend one course of action for dealing with them. Actually, the alternative, that I took, was to bypass them and call T-Mobile directly. What took 15 days for amazon (and counting) took T-Mobile all of 5 minutes! I hadn't hung up the phone with the customer service rep before I received my "Welcome to T-Mobile" message on my phone. I'm all a-tingle.

Anyways, so I've had the phone for about 4 days now, and I had just been fooling around with the setup on the device and my computer. Tried out the great, and infamous Salling Clicker on my G5. Very nice control, though the old house I live in has pretty thick walls, so the distance connection isn't great.

However, the moment of "Woah" came when I placed my first call. As the call began my iTunes (specifically a little G. Love) went silent, paused by my phone since I was making a call. As I said "woah".

One small problem so far, there seems to be a distinct background hiss on the Nokia 6600. I have to use it some more to determine if that's the case. A little annoying. But c'mon, what's sound quality on a phone when you have such cool stuff?

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