CRSchmidt's Locative Demonstration

CRSchmidt has done some excellent prototype work on locative apps using Python for the Series 60 phones. What this does is allow someone with a Series 60 phone (e.g. Nokia 6600) and installed Python to enter their current location into their phone, which is then stored in a server database. You can see a simple effect to the right of this main website under "Current Location".

Beyond a neat hack, this would allow a person to:

  1. Track their current location, write blog entries, and later link up tracks, photos, etc.
  2. Inform loved ones, friends, etc. as to your whereabouts for purposes of meeting up, and or stalking
  3. Grab LBS (location based services) information about your current location. For example, when I mark that I'm in Wichita, Kansas I could then pull up a GeoBloggers listing of pictures and tours, a WikiTravel page, or perhaps a GoogleMap (without required GPS unit).

I've made some modifications to CRSchmidt's oroginal and locate.php scripts that allow a user to mark: "Name, City, Region, Country, Comments (like an entry), and even Tags (cafe, restaurant, museum, etc.). I will be uploading these shortly (still testing a little bit)

For even more information on Python on your phone check out PostNeo's Python Wiki.

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