Curling rocks

CurlingStoneYesterday was quite a wash for me as I spent the day glued to the MythTV watching and catching up on curling for the US Men & Women.

One of my friends asked me: "Do you think you could beat the [US] men's curling team" to which I said, and was reinforced yesterday "he** no". They played incredibly well, though almost blew it a couple of times vs. Scotland Great Britain, despite having gotten 4 in the 3rd end.

The US Women, on the other hand, are not doing so well. I think my competitive team would have a shot against them. They've been playing better the last couple of games (which I saw all of) but apparently just missed enough rolls and hits in the first couple of games to lose too many of their games(which I guess I'm not sorry I missed).

A really odd, an entirely unexpected side effect of curling. Whenever I watch speed skating, or figure skating, I absolutely cringe and crawl out of my skin whenever I see someone chip the ice. I keep thinking - oh that's going to take forever to fix.

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