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By popular demand (ok, one request), I am putting up instructions on how to have your del.icio.us links posted daily to your blog.

I like this, as feed readers then have a succinct list of interesting sites to show (rather than a sidebar, who goes to a blog anymore?). A list of links is often more interesting than some half-written paragraph of diatribe just to get to the point. (case in point).

How to setup del.icio.us to post daily links

  1. Log into del.icio.us
  2. On the right-side, under "experimental", choose "daily blog posting"
  3. Click "add new thingy" (yes, it really says "thingy", those crazy del.icio.users
  4. Fill in the form as appropriate, here is an example:
    • job_name: DailyLinks
    • out_name: (blog user - e.g. delicious)
    • out_pass: (blog password for that user)
    • out_url: http://highearthorbit.com/xmlrpc.php
    • out_time: 3 (approx time to post, in GMT)
    • out_blog_id: (leave this blank)
    • out_cat_id: (category id, look at the id in your blogging software)

  5. Click "Submit Query"

  6. Sometime within the appointed hour (they're spaced out so neither del.icio.us's servers, or ping services, are flooded 'on the hour') your new links will be posted.

    For this blog, I created a new user, gave that user Author privileges, and created a specific category, bookmarks

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