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So I'm getting into the using my new Pentax *istDS and I'm trying to figure out the best workflow. In the past, I just dumped the entire contents of my Canon S330 into iPhoto, edited, managed, etc. Which was nice, but now that I'm shooting much larger pictures, and not just on trips, I'd like to figure out a better system.

Specifically, I want to accomplish the following things:

  • Retain EXIF data for review/learning
  • Add geographic location to EXIF data
  • Convert to TIFF for preventing JPEG artificacts during editing
  • Adjust exposure, levels, sharpness
  • Remove unwanted photos
  • Export photos to Photoblog/Flickr/Gallery
  • Make prints of nice photos for framing, photo album

So far, the tools I've found to do this have been pretty good. The biggest suprise was finding out that QuickImageCM as well as Apple's bundled Graphic Converter both strip the EXIF data when converting from JPEG to TIFF. Adobe Photoshop CS doesn't seem to do this.

Really, I think it would be nice to put all of the above features in a folder action but that requires having apps that are Applescriptable. Maybe Mac OS X Tiger's Automator will help in this regard.

So my current worflow is:

  1. Adobe Photoshop CS
  2. GPSPhotoLinker
  3. iPhoto

Any suggestions for smoothing out this flow?

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