Flash Photo map as a blog map

I've written a php "feed" that outputs information sufficient for loading up the Flash Photomap by Mark Zeman. It's a pretty slick flash map that's getting better with every quick release.

This was modified from the wp-rss.php file. Grab the code from wp-photomap.txt and rename to php on your server in your wordpress directory. You also need to modify your config.xml file for the Flash Photomap to point to the wp-photomap.php file. This config.xml file needs to reside in the same directory as the page where you are including the map.

To see an example, check out my growing maps page.

There isn't currently a "photo" displayed. I'm not sure what this would be.

Also, since the current geo plugin to Wordpress is lacking in poweful functionality, you can't list a "location" by name. The best idea would be to create a new table of locations, and then have a reference with each post linking to the corresponding location record in the location table. Each location record would include the name, latitude, longitude, altitude, hyperlink, and some description. I could then go to a 'page' (ala WP lingo) that listed all the locations and the corresponding blog entries at that location.

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