Geohosting - specialized hosting for GIS websites

Nomad Labs (geospatial blog) started a new hosting service particularly targeting to geospatial websites. Their GeoHosting has installed and configured numerous GIS services and applications ready for developers to tie into for their spatial applications.

This is a great idea, and also an example of how a company can build a business around open-source technology. Nomad Labs has done all the work of installing, configuring, and maintaining the large, and often cryptic, set of services for a developer to just begin working on their specific application, rather than having to spend half of their time just being a system administrator.

The GeoHosting is limited to Australia only currently, but I could see this being expanded to other worldwide locations (especially since the premise of Nomad Labs is that they are spread all over the world).

The feature list looks like:

  • lighttpd + fastcgi
  • lighttpd + mapserver
  • mapscript
  • gdal/ogr
  • gdal bindings+
  • sftp data upload
  • postgis (requires higher-level hosting
  • 5GB, 10GB, or 15GB data storage

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