GeoRSS Aggregators everywhere

There are many GeoRSS aggregators showing up. It's a balancing game - you need feeds and data to build the tools, but why produce the data if no tools to consume them? But it appears with the large rise in geo-location awareness, and "neography" (for lack of a better term), there is sufficient enthusiasm behind putting geographic meta-data inside of feeds and sites, which is great.

So far I've seen the following aggregators pop-up with GeoRSS support. These are being covered in the GeoRSS blog - so you can get more specific information, as well as useful feeds, from there.

  • Mapufacture - personal maps with bounded locations & feeds
  • PlaceDB - large listing of aggregated feeds, where the user can produce localized feeds. It also geolocates news items by looking for location names, cities, and regions.
  • FoFRedux - general feed aggregator which supports parsing & aggregating GeoRSS feeds

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