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So, I'll be making it to the Where 2.0 conference coming up in San Jose, CA, June 13-14. I'm super excited to meet a lot of people I've corresponded with, but haven't had the chance to meet yet. The Where 2.0 program looks really good. Some developers are even offering various internal organs to go.

I agree with Matt Croydon's take on the 5/15-minute presentation schedule. It seems very "lightning round", but also a really good way to get lots of ideas out and then move the interesting discussion to the sideline and various nightly gatherings.

In particular, the Birds of a Feather (BoF) meetings should be great. There is a Microformats meeting to discuss the possible directions microformat. also hope to meet with some of the GeoRSS developers and bloggers.

I've even secured a place at the Google Geo Developers day on June 12 - so I should get a chance to show off my cool mashup projects. Not to mention discussing other possibilities of visualizing geo-specific driving simulations in GoogleEarth.

I think my biggest concern about attending is wanting to meet everyone and discuss all the current ideas and possibilities in location information & mapping.

Of course, to get to California, I'm heading out of Vienna early, by way of Detroit, then on to San Francisco. Yay lots of time on a plane. Here's to hoping for flying on something nice like an Airbus 330.

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