Google blocks GSM connections?

When traveling (locally, or nationally), I have enjoyed the freedom of getting to the Information Superhighway via Bluetooth and my Nokia 6600. I get decent speed (i.e. can load and read most any webpage, reminiscent of perhaps a speedy land-line modem connection).

I am limited, however, by one major problem. Google apparently blocks my incoming (or returning?) GSM connection. While I can load almost any website, I am unable to access Google, GoogleMail, GoogleMaps, et. al. The reason behind such a move is... perplexing.

My connection will connect and have a short chat with Google, but the result is still a blank webpage (or Loading... in the case of GoogleMail).

My one recourse is Google's very cool Google WAP site (which is oddly named XHTML, although the header reads:

I can access this tight, efficient search engine through the built-in browser on my phone or over the BT->GSM connection. Too bad there isn't a

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