Greetings from Prague

Greetings from Prague. The trip is going great - and don't mind the 30Kr Pivo ($1.20USD 0.5L beers). I have limited internet access, so difficult to upload some of the great shots I've gotten.

While traveling, I can imagine an incredibly useful technology, where you could rent small handheld GPS receivers & maps that were pre-loaded with sites & tours of a city. As you wonder the city, interesting historical facts pop-up, and routes to sites, hotels, restaurants, etc. show up as well. The device would be small and inexpensive. Perhaps rentable from a central location and as you traveled to different cities, you jacked it into a booth and it uploaded new information. Then when you return the unit, your actual travel logs are downloaded and emailed to you or burned on a CD. Then you would have a time history track of your travels and sites. You could even make your own bookmarks & notes of locations.

I think this is what Schmap (Dynamic travel guides) is, though I haven't gotten to try out my demo cd that recently came in the mail. However, this still requires a full computer to use.

Off to see a bone church & then to Budapest.

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