Hiking: Rabun Bald, NC

Terrain: 2 (Winter 3)
Steep: 2.5
View: 4
Overall: 9.5 (Winter 8.5)

Distance: 4.4 mi
Trail head:
34° 58.752' N x 83° 18.180' W
@ 3561' ft.

34° 57.928' N x 83° 17.987'W
@ 4680' ft

USGS Map: Rabun Bald

from highlands, Hwy 106 South 6.8 mi to Scaly Mtn. Left onto Hale Ridge Road, b/w Ski slope + post office. Continue on road, follow fork to the right (road name). After 2.2 miles make a left onto Kelsey Mtn Rd, there is a National park Trail head sign on the left. If you see a "Blind Drive" sign you've gone to far. Approx. 1 mile the road dead-ends at the trail head. Park in the cul-de-sac.

Simple start, several steep switchbacks (very difficult in winter) increasing views of sky. 1 or 2 obstructed views of landscape before top. Stone/mason constructed firetower w/ steep wooden staircase leads to large viewing platform w/ benches. Can be windy.

View at top spectacular.

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