HR6416 knows of my arrival

Just in case you didn't know, 4 days ago from this very day, star HR6416 became aware of my existence as my space-time lightcone intercepted it. Lightcone is a neat little site which produces an RSS feed of the stars that intersect your time-existence lightcone as they happen. (via BoingBoing)

And I'm already gettin' out my party hat for HR1614 which becomes aware of my birth in just 4 short weeks!

HR6416 Stats

Catalog Name Equatorial Coordinates Galactic Coordinates Classification Visual Mag Abs Mag Prllx Dist
HR6416 RA: 17 19.1, Dec: -46 38 l°: 342.3, b°:-5.3 G8V+M0V 5.47 5.75 113.81 28.66

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