IndigoWidget v1.1 - now with Preferences!

Since remote access via the IndigoWidget was such a popular feature - and not everyone is a programmer, I have moved setting remote control via the IndigoWidget as a preference on the backside of the widget.

You can download the new version from the software page. There is also an included Readme that discusses setting up your widget over to work over the internet back to your house or office.

I hope you enjoy!

IndigoWidget backside

troglogdyte speak

For those interested, coding up preferences for a Dashboard widget are actually impressively straight-forward and easy.

The only two lines of code that are special are the following which get and set the preference for the widget:

var IndigoServerIP = widget.preferenceForKey("serverIP");
if(IndigoServerIP != '')
getObj("serverIP").value = IndigoServerIP;

widget.setPreferenceForKey(getObj("serverIP").value, "serverIP");

Assumedly these are stored by the name of the widget (e.g. com.highearthorbit.widget.Indigo).

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