Indoor location tracking projects

SlashGeo picked up on a recent Geowanking mailing list discussion of indoor location tracking options. I decided to pull all of the responses together into a single list for easy clickage.

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Wifi Positioning Technologies


Intel R&D lab, have a large number of papers, software, and dbs on location using wifi and other techniques


Commercial company (part of Skyhook Wireless) that has a Windows client


another commercial option, GPS/GSM/Wifi and clients for variety of
mobile devices


social network using geolocation techniques


Open infrastructure with a community built database

Microsoft Research RADAR

An In-Building RF-Based User Location and Tracking System. There is a package for people who may beinterested in using RADAR and that the package includes source code. It should be easy to obtain coming from a university.

HawkTour: A Mobile, Context-Aware Tour Guide System

HawkTour, installed on a TabletPC, allows visitors to tour the IIT main campus and learn about the university including its world-renowned architecture, excellent academic programs, and student life.

Location Estimation for Activity Recognition

University of Washington video where Dieter Fox illustrates how Bayesian filtering can be applied to estimate the location of a person using sensors such as GPS, infrared, or WiFi.


this might be the most popular WiFi positioning system

PanGo Locator

Wi-Fi-based, active RFID wireless asset tracking solution


Using TDOA measurement rather than Signal Strength, hence
the standard 802.11 AP and NIC can not be used.

WPI Precision Indoor/Outdoor Personnel Location Project

The overall goal of this project is to protect the lives of emergency responders and to enhance their ability to accomplish their missions through research and development of systems for personnel location and tracking, physiological status monitor


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