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Earlier I discussed Web-based Desktop Interfaces which do lots of various tricks in lots of various ways to provide a consistent (at least with respect to computer users') user experience. How do they do that you ask?

Here is a very nice javascript slider. It's released under various licenses including GPL, a non-commerical free license, and a commerical $ license.

It's very simple to use, requires including 3 javascript files (24k) and a css file. Check the docs out for more info. While there, checkout their other cool UI elements such as collapsable trees, sortable columns, and very good articles on a host of web development technologies.

The same developers also produce Bindows, which is a full, desktop type set of user interface elements usable to create an entire application interface. It's a little on the expensive side for a commercial license. However, doing these elements on your own dev time, and making them fast and cross-browser compatible is not going to be easy.

You can also check out the - the modern, cool Javascript library built on Prototype SliderDemoOther Javascript interface libraries:

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