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Make Magazine - Issue 10 CoverI haven't gotten a chance to blog about it yet, but I'm really excited to point out my article in Make Magazine, My House is a Robot. (hint, it's on page 72, but listed on the cover and featured article in the table of contents).

The article is a beautifully renditioned (thanks Greg Ruffing and Nik Schulz) 4-page story of my day and life living in my automated house. It started when I gave a pecha kucha talk at EuroFOO last September in Brussels. Dale Dougherty really liked it and introduced me to Bre Pettis, and away I went.

One of the primary points I wanted to convey, but I think was lost in the "artist's rendering" of my house, is how easy and inexpensive the entire setup is. I rent my house, and no, it's not shaped like a huge, 4-story robot, complete with sun deck above my bedroom. :)

I hope to do more articles in the future detailing some of the hacks in-depth. This article was fairly high-level and just convey the idea of what is possible and how it can fit into your life in a helpful way (yeah, I know, probably breaks a simple rule of hackerdom, usefulness). I have a series of articles discussing the software side in MacTech Magazine, but haven't gotten to present the hardware side as much.

And there is more information available in the AutomationWiki with more being added all the time (it's a lot to document). Drop me a comment or email if you have a specific question and I'll try to answer it quickly & put the response up in the wiki.

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