More Geoblogging tools: ecto and Geo-Blogging Toolkit

While traveling, its nice to be able to blog from a desktop application like ecto or MarsEdit. However, when you want to "geoblog", you want to add some more metadata than just the title, content, and some tags.

Geoblogging is just becoming more common, and the tools around it are figuring out what the user should be able to do. GeoPress provides a web interface for making maps and location for posts, but doesn't yet support additional metadata for setting the location via the XML-RPC interface that a blogging client would use.

One tool that adds geoblogging capabilities to ecto is this very informative Wiki on Geo-blogging extensions on Mac that works for Blojsom based blogs. The site is a great resource on various tools and accessories for posting KML and GoogleEarth and GoogleMaps for geoblogging.

The tool works by bringing up GoogleEarth where you can spin, point, or reference an existing waypoint to choose the posting location. The plugin will then add the location metadata, a GoogleEarth KML Link, and also a screenshot of the location. Check out the Screencast for a demo of how to use the geoblogging toolkit and its functionality.

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