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MySociety is a group that builds websites and web technologies meant for the community, and well, society. Their original/primary goal is developing community enhancing websites, such as political activism, and donations. They just launched two projects:

Placeopedia and YourHistoryHere. Placeopedia geonnotates and maps Wikipedia entries, and YourHistoryHere allows members to create interesting and informative geolocated history tidbits and information.

Two shortcomings, Placeopedia currently requires users to specifically locate Wikipedia entries, rather than automatically obtaining this from the entry itself. I imagine this can easily change and be incorporated into the entry. The history seems currently limited to Britain.

Both are pretty neat projects, that are also open-sourced (find the CVS repository here). They've also exposed the API for externally obtaining the data.;topleft_lat=54;
will generate an RSS feed of Wikipedia entries based on a geographic area.

MySociety has some other cool technologies and keeps a good blog of their developments they're working on. Another example is GAZE which is an API to allow location searching:

"Northville","Litchfield County","","41.62917","-73.39361","CT","100"
"Northville","Fulton County","","43.22556","-74.1725","NY","100"
"Northville","Cumberland County","","39.51111","-75.20472","NJ","100"
"Northville","Suffolk County","","40.97","-72.61944","NY","100"
"Northville","Wayne County","","42.43111","-83.48333","MI","100"
"Northville","Plymouth County","","42.06028","-70.92778","MA","100"
"Northville","Spink County","","45.15556","-98.57889","SD","100"
"Northville","La Salle County","","41.56333","-88.70528","IL","100"
"Northville","Champaign County","","40.18194","-83.81222","OH","100"
"Worthville","Butts County","","33.38972","-83.92139","GA","79"

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