OverPlot in New York

OverPlot mashupOverPlot is a mashup of Overheard in New York and GoogleMaps. I think it's a really good example of a simple and very effective interface for displaying geographic information. The geographic location isn't imperative for browsing through Overheard, but it is a good method for navigation.

The clustering of items at a location, the next/previous within a bubble, and the location in the corners of the bubble are all nice little effects. At the "widest" zoom level, you get the neighborhood links. Then you click on those to zoom to a view where you can see numbered items of overheard statements. As you scroll-around, new map markers are shown. It's very slick and very fast.

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Andrew Turner is an advocate of open standards and open data. He is actively involved in many organizations developing and supporting open standards, including OpenStreetMap, Open Geospatial Consortium, Open Web Foundation, OSGeo, and the World Wide Web Consortium. He co-founded CrisisCommons, a community of volunteers that, in coordination with government agencies and disaster response groups, build technology tools to help people in need during and after a crisis such as an earthquake, tsunami, tornado, hurricane, flood, or wildfire.