Ruby on Rails case study

Allan from the NonProfitTechBlog pointed me to this article on infoQ, Ruby on Rails case study:

The article does a full walk-through, from concept, through development, and to scalability, deliverability, and maintainability, of a Ruby on Rails site/service.

Discussions (arguments) between the various languages and their frameworks are common. It's helpful to see such a readable and poignant presentation of the entire process to address the various issues other developers bring up about the platform.

I have definitely seen the same effects he talks about in the article. Development and updates occur much faster. I can be more productive creating my ideas and getting them to a working prototype. The code is easy to read and small, so its also easy to maintain the code to optimize or extend with new features.

I'm not saying that the other languages or frameworks fail at this, I know that for me, it feels like its the fastest development I can do short of natural language requirements into code ("Make me a Map" )

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