Salling Clicker - now for Windows and PocketPC

Salling Clicker just made it to version 3.0. And the biggest change: it now runs on windows and PocketPC.

This was a really smart move for the product - as there is obviously a huge market, with no other great solution like this. I was having trouble with my iPaq 1945 - turns out the battery went completely kaput, so I ordered a new pair for $4.95 (plus $10 S&H - go figure) off of eBay, and it's back to new.

So I quickly tossed on the demo version of Salling Clicker, and it's great. I must use Windows for work - so being able to have all the remote interface, and bluetooth interface goodness on my work machine is a little slice of heaven. Almost makes up for not having a Mac on my desk... almost, but not quite

In case you didn't know - Salling Clicker is a bluetooth or Wifi interface UI for accessing and operating your computer from a Pocket device (Palm or PocketPC), or your mobile phone. It's well known for allowing people to control their powerpoint presentations from their cellphones instead of a dedicated remote.

However, Salling Clicker also allows one to: stop/play/view cover art in iTunes, control the mouse, lock/unlock your computer when you walk away or approach, and is completely scriptable.

For example, on my home mac (and soon to be work mac), I have scripts that when my cellphone approaches and connects, it changes my travelogue location to the correct place.

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