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Via @cageyjames I saw the announcement that DeCarta is now providing their services using OpenStreetMap data. It's tremendous to see more service providers building tools and businesses on top of open data.

It's this transition from primarily ground-swell supported projects into industry supported efforts that makes them sustainabile. Linux went through the same growth as providers like RedHat and Canonical started putting full-time and dedicated resources to ensuring the continual growth and stability of the projects.

This is perhaps very interesting news to CloudMade, since it sits squarely in their market as well - and also Prioleau, the CEO former-CEO and now advisor of CloudMade was formerly a Vice President of Marketing at deCarta.

CloudMade Map Style Editor_ Select Styles.jpgsan_jose_OSM.gif

CloudMade and DeCarta tiles using OpenStreetMap data

The deCarta tiles show the copyright "CCBYSAODBL", already including the forthcoming migration to the ODbL terms. There have been many companies that are interested in integrating OpenStreetMap into their products but concerned about the potentially unclear terms or permitted uses of the data that don't inadvertently expose their proprietary data. Hopefully more moves like deCarta to utilizing OpenStreetMap in commercial products will provide clarity on the benefits and implications to other companies.

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