Shared Birthdays - I'm so honored

Mario IconI was unaware of it, but apparently I share my birthday (on this glorious, if extremely hot day) with an international celebrity by the name of Mario. Perhaps you've heard of him? He's prone to wearing red overalls and has a wicked mustachio.

Check out the Japanese celebration page

Of course, this may explain why the Super Nintendo came out a couple of days early and I got one on my birthday so long ago in 1991. Super Mario Brothers was the best.

And 28 years ago to the day, GM introduced the first Diesel consumer automobiles, the Oldsmobile 88 and 98 models.

Other important events

History Channel: This Day in History, September 13

  • 1847: General Winfield Scott storms the Chapultepec fortress
  • 1862: The Union discovers "Lost Order"
  • 1916: Children's author Roald Dahl is born
  • 1940: Italy invades Egypt
  • 1964: Attempted coup against Vietnamese Khanh government fails
  • 1965: Louis Armstrong wins Grammy
  • 1993: Israeli-Palestinian Peace Accord

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