Simplest, yet highly effective LifeHack - Folding

As a programmer, engineer, and mildly obsessive compulsive, I peruse such sites as 43 Folders, DIY GTD Planner, and other life-hacking kind of fare.

While these are all very cool, I just came across what is probably the most life-changing 'hack' to date, how to fold a T-Shirt in 2-seconds. The aptly named shows you how to do just that. I currently employ the Zeno's School of Folding in which I continually fold my shirt in halves (until it disappears). This 'new' method is actually incredibly easy to try.

This folding takes 5-10 seconds at least per shirt. Considering a load of laundry has approximately 20 shirts (both the 'T' type and 'polo' variety), we're talking about a 3-8 second savings per shirt for a total of 1-2.6 minute time savings.

Now I do laundry about once every other week, so that is 20 wash days (figure I get 1 wash at home during holidays) per year, 20-53.3 minutes per year. Over the 20 years I've been doing laundry (my momma got me workin' young), that's 6.66-17.76 hours I've lost (not including doing family's laundry).

Now that's a trick worth learning.

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