Snowshoe - Cass Benton Park

Corrie and I went snowshoeing today around Cass Benton park. It was a terrific day: approx 30ËšF and overcast, so it was warm, but not melting. The snow was pretty deep too, which makes the traction and plowing through it so much better. We both got some neat photos I'll upload soon. The map below is the GPS track.

Just got National Geographic's TOPO! [sic] (exclamation point for extra exciting topography). I'm actually a little disappointed with it so far. It is nice to finally have a solid mapping program, and it's interfaced nicely with my Garmin GPS receiver. However, the included maps are only 1:100k, which as you can see is fairly low resolution for average use. In fact, I can't really determine what you'd want such a low res for unless you were doing some (1) serious multi-day hiking or (2) driving/flying over terrain. The State series has the high-resolution 1:24k maps, but they run about $80 per state. Argh, if only mapping data weren't so expensive.

Also, why is it so hard to build in automated photo-location linking?

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