Strange Dream: For a geek

So I have a very strange dream last night. Maybe reminiscient of last year's NE US power outage?

There was a sudden power outage, but the internet still worked (maybe due to servers running off of huge UPS's?) and I have a small handheld computer with dying batteries and my GPS unit. For some reason, this was a world-wide power outage, and it wasn't going to stop. It was also getting cold, maybe some kind of nuclear winter?

Anyways, I was frantically going online to download the GPS coordinates for a tropic 'resort' we could head to and avoid the freezing winter. I could also check my stocks online, and the market had plummeted, but the NASDAQ computers had 'crashed' during the 'crash', so the prices couldn't bottom out.

I had some serious trouble downloading the GPS coordinates. Kind of the same feeling you get when you try to punch something, or get out of the way of a falling rock in your dreams and you're suddenly weak and/or slow. That kind of panic.

Yeah, I'm a geek.

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