The Roller Coast

Spent a splendiferously clear, and incrediby hot, day traipsing about Cedar Point Amusement Park. They let you know early and often via the ride announcements that it is the "Roller Coast". very cute.

Of course, there are over 14 roller coasters there alone, though which ones are running on any given day may vary. For us, we were fortunate to have all the coasters running and a suprisingly low crowd, despite it being a Friday with nice weather.

Based on our trip, and having ridden all but the 'Top Thrill Dragster' (long-line, end of day) I would recommend the following 4 rides in order:

  1. Gemini
  2. Gemini - Ride the *other* train
  3. BlueStreak - excellent classic wooden coaster
  4. MilleniumForce - perhaps the best coaster I have ever been on, except SpaceMountain at 7 years old.

The rest aren't really worth the wait, and ones like the "Mantis" will leave your ears ringing and sore from all the banging against the headrests.

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