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While I'm at the computer, many links come across my face - blogs,, emails, im's, google'd ideas, etc. I now have several levels of bookmarking.

There is the primary, which is added to my actual browser toolbar in some categorized folder. This level is reserved for commonly used URLs: email, feed reader, company intranet, traffic, weather. Using FoxMarks syncs my browser bookmarks between the various computers I use.

The level right below this is my news reader. These links are sites that I've found myself coming back to, or finding a wealth of useful information the first time I happened across the site. These are usually geeky in nature, but sometimes belong to photographers, friends, authors, or just funny things.

The next level are my links, which are items I found interesting and may want to later look back on, or share with others. Surprisingly, I very rarely actually look back through my links, and often find myself creating a bookmark of a site only to find out I already had a bookmark - I think this has a name. Something like del'javu, the feeling that you've bookmarked this site already. These sites are articles, howto's, interesting photo sets, etc. I have 1561 bookmarks.

After a link is the dark-area of bookmarking where links are quickly dropped on the "quick" access of my browser toolbar or in some Temp2 folder of huge number of these URLs. These links are found while browsing across sites. I haven't yet gotten to consume or remember the information, and I don't think it's worth keeping forever, but I did want to read it at some point. I currently have 142 of these (eep!)

The last level of actual bookmarking is dropping a link to the desktop. This is a last-ditch spot where I put a link I want to immediately come back to, but I just have too many tabs open at the moment. Since I move between computers a lot, something left on the desktop for too long will be forgotten and probably deleted the next time I go on a binge of semi-obsessive-compulsive cleaning.

If you have any suggestions for better bookmarking, data storage/retrieval, I'm all for it. Keep in mind that I work on both Windows and Mac, and often move between computers - though I do have a primary desktop at home and laptop that I like to carry given the option.

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