Toyota's Map on Demand

It's been a week filled with geo-exciting news.

First was that Safe outputs GeoRSS in their Feature Manipulation Engine (FME) and even used Mapufacture as a demonstration platform.

Second was Yahoo's Pipes, RSS manipulation via a web interface for filtering and querying RSS feeds. There are location filters for applying geomodifiers to RSS items based on distance, and also understanding of GeoRSS (Simple and W3C). (via O'Reilly Radar).

The last seems to have been fairly quiet, but actually is very cool.
Toyota's Map on Demand pushes map updates to you based on the areas you drive and as the road system changes. It appears currently these map changes probably propagate from normal channels for map correction, but its easy to envision when Toyota will gather all of your GPS tracks and use them to update the map based on where you've gone. (via Engadget)

"Live Map Updates" would be like an in-vehicle OpenStreetMap where the road network could be inferred by your travel patterns, along with thousands of other drivers, and then used to update drivers' maps as they approach that area.

Of course, its also possible to see where a mapping provider would begin charging you for map use as you entered new areas or wanted a subscription model to get these updates.

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