Trends and Technologies in Where2.0

This morning, Mikel and I gave our presentation at Web2.0 Expo New York on Trends and Technologies in Where2.0. It was interesting to devise a way to cover the Geo-space in the breadth of business to hacking. To do this, we split the 45 minutes into two obvious halves: Trends, and Technology. The Trends cover cutting edge uses of location and geospatial technology in businesses and organizations. By contrast, the Technologies cover the bleeding edge of geohacking done at Burning Man this year.

Looking at the current landscape of the Where2.0 space, you can see that it is essentially the broad acceptance of the concepts of the locative media crowd from 8-10 years ago. Therefore it's easy to imagine that the current experiments and creations of geohackers are the leading edge.

View presentation.

You can get Mikel's slides on BurningMan Earth.

You can also read a blow-by-blow review by Kris Jordan. Definitely let us know what you thought of the presentation if you were there.

GEOPRESS_LOCATION(Javits, 655 West 34th Street, New York City, NY)

Update: Mikel and my slides are spotlighted on the SlideShare front page and the Web20Expo section.

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